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Welcome to our small monastery's website!


Our Nyingma Palyul Buddhist Lower Secondary School is located in Sundarijal. It has been established in 2004. It operates by a nyingma guru, Pema Lama.


Guru had the intention to help children to provide education. He decided to start in 2004, with 30 students giving modern and buddhist education for underpriviliged children.



At the beginning he started with a few youngsters in Kavrepalchok, Nepal. But due to the lack of facilities in Kavre, like water, manpower, teachers he decided to move to Kathmandu. And now he is successfully running another school with 70 children. For the future we have further plans to expand ourselves and providing improving education.


The monastery is a non-profit organization, and it is operating without external support.


Nyingma Palyul Buddhist Secondary School and Monastery. Volunteering for free.
Namaste, I bow to you.